New Mum Gift

New Mum Gift

Stop Googling ‘new baby gifts’ or ‘gifts for new mums’. It’s over. Live-in night nurse notwithstanding, THIS is what new parents want: a genuinely useful gift for the baby, and a little treat for his or her mum.

You get Sud Bud, our super-gentle bath gel, Super Softy, a nourishing, protective, and calming body lotion, and Skin Wizard, our silky, soothing, magical body oil, perfect for baby massage.

We also popped in our bestselling facial-in-a-sachet Transformazing sheet mask for mum, cos, um, she’ll need it, and a little love note to congratulate her on creating the miracle of life, and then freeing it from her body.

Little Squirts comes in a luxurious and practical yellow towelling zippy bag perfect for travel, or just to store all your Gro-To products.


How Do I Use This Set?

For the little person!

  1. Squirt 5-6 pumps of Sud Bud into a running bath and whisk like mad for a gentle bubble bath. Or! Use as body wash/mild shampoo (avoid eyes). 
  2. Rub Skin Wizard all over damp skin. This is a great opportunity to take the time for a little baby massage (especially if they won’t toot) and coo and sing a little bit.
  3. Apply Super Softy all over little legs, arms, tums, and rumps (especially rumps).


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