Gro-To Packaging

Gro-To Packaging

Can I buy Gro-To as a gift and have it shipped as one?
Absolutely. (An excellent idea, just quietly.) Just make sure you enter the details of who you are sending the gift to during the checkout process.

What will my order arrive in?
Most orders will be in a Go-To peach box - it's a fun, custom-made shipper designed to protect your products in transit. It will arrive with an address sticker on it, and anything else our postage elves write on it. The Gift Sets (Little Squirts and Big Kids) will arrive in a super special, fully recyclable or reusable shipper.

Can I add a card to my order?
Sure can. If your order is going to someone else (OMG LUCKY), you can leave a message which our ever-efficient warehouse will pop onto a gift card.

Do you have gift boxes?
Nope, not ones that you can buy separately (yet). HOWEVER! Our gift sets come in their own bag and box so you could just grab one of them.

If I order more than one gift set, will my order be packed in separate boxes?
No. All products will be grouped and sent in the one box (or more depending on how much you order) to the one address.


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