How Zoë Foster Blake Uses Sud Bud

"Sud Bud is the shining star of our nightly bath or shower. (His smile might be a bit too irresistible, as he generally ends up in the bath.) The kids pump him out, and whisk up the bubbles, or lather it up over their bulbous tums in the shower. Empty bottles remain a “friend of the bathroom” and are used for pouring water, and as a toothbrush holder."

What Is It?

A gentle, plant-based baby and kids’ body cleanser with plenty of bubbles. Suitable for very new, very filthy, very cute and very dry skin, this nourishing body wash moisturises, softens and soothes, and will become a bathtime favourite. (Or ELSE.) Fun fact: Nine out of 10 plastic boats prefer it.

Efficacy aside, Sud Bud’s scent is SOMETHIN’ ELSE. It’s as though a coconut had a baby with an orange and then they all bathed in honey. He’s just as good on squirmy little poo monsters (newborns) as he is on grubby school kids and all the unidentifiable grime their hair and body attracts. Use him as a shampoo, a gentle bubble bath, and of course, as a basic everyday wash.

We’ve made buying kids pressies easy as pie (mmm, now we want pie) with our thoughtful, useful gift sets and bundles. You can find Sud Bud hanging out in the Little Squirts and Big Kids Gift Sets, and the handy Bubbles and Squeaks Bundle. (Probably doing a crossword and drinking a milkshake.)

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