Bubbles And Squeaks

Bubbles And Squeaks

A real easy way to keep your children’s skin clean and calm. Because sure, kids are cute and squishy and have tiny, chubby hands, but man are they filthy. Bubbles And Squeaks features Sud Bud, our gentle, plant-based body cleanser with zillions of bubbles, and Super Softy, a deeply nourishing moisturiser that comforts even very cranky skin, but sinks in fast-AS.


How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Squirt 5-6 pumps of Sud Bud into a running bath and whisk like mad for a gentle bubble bath. Or: Use as body wash or mild shampoo (avoid eyes!). 
  2. Apply Super Softy every day all over little legs, arms, tums, and rumps (especially rumps).


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