What's Cute, Clean, And Worry-Free?

One of Go-To’s core values is that we only make products that don’t piss your skin off.

Which means our products are free from chemical irritants like: silicones, PEGs, mineral oils, petrolatum, chemical UV filters, parabens, GMOs or synthetic colours.


Because a lot of those ingredients can be bitchy to skin! But when you remove those pesky irritants and go for potent, plant-based ingredients instead: magic can happen. (We’ve had amazing feedback from rosacea, dermatitis and sensitive skin sufferers.)

Here’s the ingredients you’ll never find in any Go-To product, and why:


Sure, silicones are super popular for primers and foundations ‘cos they give the skin a silky, smooth, poreless finish. But! Because they’re synthetic fillers they also create a film on the skin, which can clog pores and cause dehydration.

And given that they are a ’barrier’, silicones can also slow down the natural skin cell renewal process and stop moisture getting into the skin. They’re also a no for inflamed or breakout-prone skin, which makes them a no for us too.


PEGs are those things you use to hang out your washing. JK! PEGs are a mix of compounds and polymers used as emulsifiers or emollients, or to keep ingredients stable.

They themselves aren’t bad guys, but PEGs do enhance absorption of other ingredients, and that could fast-track chemical undesirables into your skin.

Chemical UV filters

When it comes to sun protection, physical/mineral filters are our firm favourite. We opted to leave chemical UV filters out of our stuff because: 

– Chemical UV filters sit on the surface to absorb radiation before it enters the skin.

– They are a common cause of photo-allergic contact dermatitis and have been known to trigger heat-induced pigmentation and redness for rosacea-prone skin.

– Chemical UV filters also aren’t considered fully photostable (meaning they can break down over time, and leave you vulnerable to UV damage).

– Studies have shown that they can react with the sun’s rays to create skin-damaging/ageing free radicals, which may actually increase the risk of free radical damage (the ageing stuff).


A group of chemicals used as preservatives; they can be used in food, cosmetics and therapeutic products to keep them fresh and bacteria-free.

A study from 2004 revealed that parabens were a contributing factor to breast cancer and they’ve had a terrible rep ever since. Now, nearly 15 years later, it’s been shown that there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest that using products with parabens is directly linked to the development of cancer.

But! Easily-irritated, allergy-prone skin can react to parabens, and Go-To is sensitive-skin friendly, so we stick to natural preservatives instead.

Sulfates (SLS/SLES)

Sulfates are cleansing agents that get rid of dirt and oil and make your products all foamy. Sulfates are known to be skin and eye irritants, which is a hard no for any and all Go-To products.

Petroleum and mineral oils

Petroleum derivatives coat the skin, but they do nothing to nourish it. They just sit on top of your skin, and, in some cases, they can stop it from breathing, absorbing and excreting, so we give them a miss.


GMOs or genetically modified organisms, which the World Health Organisation describes GMOs as “organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally”.

Why’d we avoid them? Well don’t have enough long term studies to know how/if cosmetics with GMOs will affect our health. And if there’s any doubt, we don’t use them.

Synthetic colours

Sure, they make skin care pretty, but that’s about it. Synthetic colours have zero skin care benefit. They’re purely aesthetic, and can actually cause skin sensitivity and irritation, so we give them a miss.


We ate them all.

Does leaving this stuff add years to the product development? Of course it does, you sweet goose.

It also causes massive headaches for our formulations team. But we firmly believe that it’s worth it. So worth it!

Leaving out the chemical irritants means that YOU can rest easy knowing that our products won’t piss off your skin and turn on you. And that means that WE can rest easy knowing you won’t turn on us. Muuuuch better.

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