Why You Need To Remove Your Makeup

Why You Need To Remove Your Makeup

First of all, because it asked you to.
Very politely, might I add.
Said please and everything.

But there are also a few real reasons that you should always be taking off your makeup as part of your bedtime skincare routine if you want happy and healthy skin.

Reason one: It prevents congestion and dullness.

Failing to remove your makeup, along with the rest of the grime, pollution, sweat, anything else that’s made its way onto your face during the day will, inevitably, result in build-up. Which is a problem because product build-up is a common cause of congestion, breakouts, and dullness. So in the interest of scoring (and maintaining) clear, healthy, and bright skin, it’s essential that you’re thoroughly removing all that stuff from your face at the end of each day by cleansing for at least 30-60 seconds.

Reason two: Your skin works hardest while you sleep.

Your skin never stops working. And it’s known for working hardest at night, once it’s switched out of Defence Mode (the state when it’s in during the day to keep you nice and protected) and into Recovery Mode.

During this nighttime repair phase your skin:
- Regenerates collagen and elastin faster.
- Boosts DNA repair and skin cell renewal thanks to the production of HGH (human growth hormone).
- Produces melatonin, the sleep hormone, which boasts potent antioxidant properties to repair free radical damage.
- Is more easily penetrated by your nighttime skin care routine.

You should be taking advantage of that very important repair-y time by prepping it correctly i.e. using replenishing skin care, and definitely not leaving behind your day’s makeup, which can create build-up and interfere with cell turnover.

Reason three: It allows your skin care to work better.

All of the active, hard-working serums, toners, oils and/or creams that you use before bed each night require a fresh base for you to apply them to.

That perfect foundation you applied this morning will act as a barrier, and as a result, prevent all of those clever products from being able to do their job properly. Or in other words: slathering your PM skin care on top of makeup is a waste of time and money.

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