About Bro-To

In 2016 we released Bro-To Properly Clean so that men could clean their handsome faces without having to nick their lady’s Properly Clean anymore.

How can we make skin care as useful, simple, effective, trustworthy, accessible and fun, for as many people as possible. That’s what we ask ourselves each day. That’s why we’re in this biz. That’s why you’re here, reading this self-aggrandising drivel.

Since then, we’ve released Bro-To Face Hero and Bro-To Very Useful Face Cream because we reckon men should treat, calm and moisturise their faces too.

Same-ish magical face-fixing, skin soothing face potions as what’s in the peach Go-To packaging just WAY more grey because: grey packaging.

Our Story.

Go-To was founded by Australian beauty editor and author Zoë Foster Blake. She created Go-To after years spent using and reviewing bazillions of products, from supermarket to spa brands, and writing a book on the basics of beauty called Amazinger Face.

She received a lot of honest feedback during her decade of beauty journalism and blogging, and 80% of it was about skin care, and how utterly baffling people find the products, ingredients, and the application thereof.

Zoë agreed. Skin care can be intimidating, complicated and confusing. She wondered if it could all be a LOT simpler. Less stressful. If it could give people confidence, rather than strip them of it (and their cash.) Holy shit, could it even be FUN?

Why shouldn’t looking after your skin be fun? After all, you’re gonna do it anyway. May as well enjoy it.

Why shouldn’t looking after your skin be fun? After all, you’re gonna do it anyway. May as well enjoy it.

And in April 2014,
Go-To Launched.

Go-To (and its sub-brands) are a simple, effective range of skin essentials based on best-in-class botanical ingredients. Our products have no synthetics, silicones, or any of the usual pests. These are not ‘natural’ products that are secretly full of irritating, annoying ingredients. These products protect, nourish and strengthen even the most sensitive skin, ensuring it is healthy, happy and calm.

We’re not interested in faux-science ("Now with added Wrinkleflickatox™ and Moisturemagic® particles!") or silly claims. Just good quality, useful, non-irritating skin care that you’ll like using, and your skin will love. That the products happen to smell, feel and look terrific is irrelevant.