Hi guys, it’s Zo, here for a bit of a family meeting...


We recently made a public commitment to always be a company that values and promotes equality and inclusion. This commitment informs our future plans, but has also led us to review our product range, in particular Zincredible Tinted and Pinky-Nudey Lips.

When we launched Zincredible Tinted in 2018 it wasn’t intended to be a makeup or coverage product. Our Zincredible products contain high levels of zinc oxide, which means there’s a chance they will leave a white cast on the skin. So, we added some mineral oxides in to help negate the ghosting effect. This is common practice when working with physical UV filters.

But! Common practice doesn’t mean best practice. We now understand that a single shade tinted product isn’t inclusive. And neither is a pinky-”nude” tinted lip balm.

As such, we’ve made the decision to discontinue both Zincredible Tinted and Pinky-Nudey Lips. Zincredible SPF 15 will continue to be available.

This is a undeniably a terrible business move. But to us business is more than, yknow, “business”.

We know we have a big, passionate and loyal fan base for these products, and we’re sorry.

A product you love being discontinued flat out sucks.

The silver lining is that to honour our commitment to sustainability we’ll be filling all packaging on hand rather than disposing of it, which we predict means both products should be around until March 2021-ish.

Looking forward, well, it’s no secret we’ve been working on a high-strength SPF for a long, long, 6-yearsy time. It’s been a giant pest, to be frank. Making a high-performance, high-protection SPF that feels and looks so good that you wanna wear it every day, yet adheres to our strict formulating policy is tricky. But we’ve changed tack, and remain hopeful for a late 2021 launch. My goodness do we remain hopeful! You wouldn’t believe all the hope piling up ‘round here.

Guys, we wholeheartedly stand by our credo of providing the best, safest and most useful possible skin care for everyone. We hope this highlights how seriously we take that.

Righto. Back to the lab!

Zoë Foster Blake,