Bro-To Hydration Heroes

$90 $100

What is it?

A mega hydrating duo your face deserves. Featuring our two full sized post-shave tamers, Very Lightweight Moisturiser (an oil-free gel cream) and Face Hero (an ultra-nourishing face and beard oil), this pair will calm and replenish the skin instantly.

Use both daily to soothe irritatingly flaky skin, tame unruly beards, and banish dry patches like they never had a chance.


How do I use this set?

1. Drip 4–5 drops of oil onto your fingers and massage into your face (including your beard).

Happy, hydrated, not-so-pissed-off skin.

2. Apply (at least) a pea-sized amount of Very Lightweight Moisturiser all over your face. If it’s morning, follow with SPF.

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