Face, Shoulders and Toes

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What is it?

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Level up your skin care in and out of the shower. Empty heading

Twofer is a replenishing hair and body wash to thoroughly wash your hair and body. It’ll leave you clean, soft, comfortable, and counting down until your next shower. Face Hero is a lightweight, non-greasy face oil, which calms and replenishes the skin instantly. Known for turning rough, angry and grizzly skin into smooth, nourished, glowing skin, it’s earned a championship ring in the Bro-To league. You’ll also snag a free neoprene bag.


This set will:

  • Soothe and calm skin that is irritated, angry, sun/wind burned, or sore.
  • Replenish thirsty, dry skin.
  • Balance out oily skin.
  • Gently remove dirt, grime, excess oil, and sweat.
  • Keep skin and hair fresh, clean and comfortable.

How do I use Face, Shoulders and Toes?

Jump in the shower, and slather a decent squirt of Twofer on a wet body and/or hair. Rub in for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Wash and glow.

Out of the shower, apply 2-3 drops of Face Hero all over the face, neck and beard. Watch skin glow.

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