Fart and Burp are Superstinkers

By Zoë Foster Blake


What is it?

A smelly little sequel to Gro-To founder Zoë Foster Blake's No One Likes A Fart.

Fart is back. Together with his new friend Burp, they're off on an adventure to use their bad pongs for good! Move over Superman and Wonder Woman, here come the Superstinkers!

What could be better than a Fart with a heart? A Super Fart of course! Wafting around with his stinky best friend Burp, Fart couldn’t be happier. But sometimes Burp wishes people wouldn’t say, YUCK and GROSS and PEE-YEW . . .

Could being smelly ever be a force for good? A super stinker of a tale that proves anyone can be a hero.


As a cute, very flat hat! (Or, you could read it.)

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