Good Night Skin

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What is it?

Empty headingThree foolproof products for a simple, effective night-time routine.


  • Properly Clean, a gentle cleansing mousse designed to clean that face and keep it free from breakouts.

  • Twofer, a replenishing hair and body wash to give you a real thorough wash and leave you feeling clean, soft and comfortable.

  • Your choice of, Very Useful Face Cream, a creamy, ultra nourishing moisturiser for comfortable and supple skin.

  • Or, Very Lightweight Moisturiser, a light-as, gel-cream for intense, shine-free hydration.

  • A useful travel bag to store it all.

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It’s suitable for young, old, dry, oily, or sensitive, and essential for Good Skin Nights. Use it.


This product will

  • Leave skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturised.
  • Gently remove dirt, grime, excess oil, and sweat.
  • Keep skin and hair fresh, clean and comfortable.
  • Work for every age and skin type: young, old, dry, oily, sensitive, acne-prone.
  • Keep skin healthy and youthful, now and in 20 years time.

How do I use Good Night Skin?

  1. Use 2–3 squirts of Properly Clean on your wet face, rub in thoroughly before rinsing off.

  2. Apply a decent squirt of Twofer to a wet body and/or hair in the shower. Massage for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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Beauty sleep made easy.

Empty head3. Finish with a pea-sized amount of Very Useful Face Cream or Very Lightweight Moisturiser onto your fingers and massage all over your face.
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