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Play, Suds, Sleep!

A Gift Any Toddler Will Love.

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What is it?

Ah, toddlers! So fun at the park, so impossible to gift. You want to get them something useful. But they just want something fun! This set is both. It features a charming travel-friendly Teeny Sud Bud, the perfect before-bed picture book Back To Sleep (by Gro-To founder and book writer-er Zoë Foster Blake), our insanely soft Sleepy Head pillowcase, and a very cheery pencil case to hold all their drawing stuff. (And favourite sticks.)


11/10 kids reckon Gro-To is the most fun, unboring gift. Ever.


How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Play! Grab crayons/pencils/textas and get drawing. (Paper’s great, walls are not.) Then stash all those arty tools away in your delightful pencil case, and collect a gold star for being really tidy.
  2. Suds! Prefer bathtime with mountains of bubbles? ‘Course you do. Add a few squirts of Teeny Sud Bud to a running bath and follow with a bit of vigorous whisking. 
  3. Sleep! But first, get comfy, snuggle up, read Back To Sleep and laugh wildly. Then lay that little head down on Sleepy Head and flick the lights out. Off to dreamland! 
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