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Ready, Set, Gro!

Kids Skin Care Set

OR! 4 equal payments of $18.25 Huh?

What is it?

A clever present for toddlers and big kids that’s non-boring, non-useless, and non-covered-in-superheroes-and-unicorns. It features three magnificent Gro-To products, which will keep their skin healthy and soft and their room calm and monster-free.

Set includes Super Softy, a creamy and comforting body lotion, Skin Wizard, a silky, soothing body oil, and Bad Dream Buster, a calming room spray/monster repeller. Did we also toss in a sheet of sassy stickers and a useful zippy bag for travel or storage? You bet we did.


Zippy Bag
Gro-To Stickers


How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Massage Skin Wizard all over freshly-washed, slightly damp skin. This will be both fun and a challenge, as the slippery, wriggly child becomes even slipperier and wrigglier. Tip: Let kids rub the oil in on their tummies and legs and arms. They LOVE it.
  2. Apply Super Softy all over little legs, arms, tums, and rumps.
  3. Spray Bad Dream Buster before lights out, wherever nighttime nuisances are known to lurk (under beds, along windows) for a calm, fright-free sleep.
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