An Esthetician’s Advice For Saving A Damaged Barrier

An Esthetician’s Advice For Saving A Damaged Barrier

This article was created as part of a paid partnership between Go-To (Hey! That's us!) and Starr Kutchins. All answers and opinions shared are her own. (Even the one about being Team Wheels over Team Doors*.)

Late last month we welcomed our latest product to the Go-To Family, a nourishing barrier repair mask called The Repair Shop. To give her the warm welcome she deserves, we sent some top secret samples out to some very lucky peanuts and asked them to give it a go.

One of those samples was sent to Esthetician and Content Extraordinaire, Starr Kutchins. (Of course.) After a few weeks, we begged, ahem, asked Starr politely to tell us her Real Opinion and spill some of her Esthetician Expertise about barrier repair with us while she’s at it.

As an aesthetician, what do you look for in a barrier repair mask? And why is moisture barrier health so important?
I look for things such as ceramides and other deeply hydrating ingredients. Something to help nourish the skin and support long term skin health! Any hydrating ingredient that will prevent TEWL ( trans-epidermal water loss)from occurring is always a plus! Hydration is essential here. Your barrier is what protects your skin from harmful outside aggressors. Having a healthy and balanced barrier is key to keeping breakouts, irritation and aging away.

What skin types would you recommend use The Repair Shop in their routines?
Literally everyone, but especially people who find that their normal products are making their skin sting when they didn’t used to, anyone experiencing dryness, flakiness, increased redness or sensitivity. And of course, anyone who just wants to support their skin’s barrier and show it a lil love.

What do you like best about ceramides as a skin care ingredient?
If I could marry ceramides, I would. Ceramides already occur naturally on our skin, but as with everything, decrease with age. So incorporating them into your routine helps maintain a healthy skin balance. Ceramides are a do all ingredient. They help your skin retain moisture, protect skin against toxins and pollution, prevent redness and aging. It’s basically a glue that holds your skin together (in a totally non creepy way).

What are the different ways skin barriers can be damaged?
There are SO many ways skin barriers can be damaged, which is why it’s so important to use products such as this to prevent that. Anything from: a climate your skin isn’t used to, too much sun exposure,allergies, and the dreaded ol’ over exfoliation!

What would you recommend to anyone dealing with a damaged skin barrier?
Step back and assess the situation. Try and find the root cause of what is damaging your barrier and go from there. The most common thing I see is chemical exfoliant happy humans. You get this gorgeous glow and are afraid it will go away ( spoiler alert: it won’t!). So you use harsh exfoliants everyday, when you’re only supposed to be using them 1-3x a week. Immediately stop using any exfoliants, this includes physical as well, and simplify your routine. Make sure to use a targeted treatment like Repair Shop, that will help the skin’s barrier repair itself.

How long have you been using The Repair Shop and what were your first impressions of it?
I’ve been using the mask for two weeks now. It is a forever staple in my routine. Even if you don’t have a damaged barrier, this is a must. Immediately after using the first time, I noticed how deeply hydrated my skin was, it was plumper, softer and just overall calm.

Where does The Repair Shop fit in your skin care routine/how often do you use it with your sensitive skin?
I use it two times a week, especially after a mask that could possibly be more drying like a clay mask, or an exfoliant mask. This mask is intensely nourishing, so my sensitive skin loves it!