Yep, Hair Facials Exist, And Here's My Honest Thoughts On The Experience

Yep, Hair Facials Exist, And Here's My Honest Thoughts On The Experience

I experienced the viral hair facial last week and was met with a barrage of questions from the team in the office afterwards, but I couldn’t decide if Sydney’s new and exclusive treatment lived up to the hype. 

As I sit here sporting a slick bun, and an ungodly amount of dry shampoo (because it’s not yet hair wash day, but I did work up a sweat at pilates this morning), I’ve decided that yes, you definitely do need a hair facial. To experience it just once. 

Our skin gets some TLC every day. Twice a day! But speaking for the majority of us, if I may, hair health tends to take more of a back seat. We straighten it, crimp it, colour it, heat it. Now it’s time to treat it. Koda Cutter’s hair facial is here to revolutionise how we look after our hair and scalp. 

Sitting in the super luxe new salon in the QVB, my hair facial surprisingly began as most skin facials would. A consult on how my hair and scalp were feeling (dry), if there’s any areas of concern (no but this is where you could say flakiness/oiliness/irritation), and what look and feel I’m working towards (smooth and hydrated). 

The first ‘official’ step of my facial was a sensory scalp massage using aromatic oils, eventually taken down to my neck and shoulders as well. I was instructed to soften my gaze and take long, relaxing breaths while an aromatic room spray helped to set the tone for the rest of the session. (Despite many other clients in the salon and bustling crowds of late-night shoppers just outside.)

Next I was moved to the basin for a cooling clay mask to be applied at the roots and again, massaged gently into the scalp. As this mask emulsified it detoxified the hair follicles - think of this as the cleansing part of your skincare routine. Left to let that sink into the scalp for 10 minutes this is where I started to unwind and melt into that pillowy leather chair. 

A thorough shampoo and rinse initiated the next phase of my facial. Another mask, this time applied from the roots through to the ends. But instead of detoxifying this product is designed to moisturise the hair and inject some gloss/sheen. At least that’s what I asked for! Your stylist will tailor this mask to suit your hair needs on the day, volumising, anti-frizz - think of this as the treatment part of your skincare routine. 

Now comes the ‘viral’ moment. Mask lathered on, I was placed under the Minotto steam basin as it swirled around my head for 10 blissful minutes. Letting those nourishing ingredients seep into my scalp and hair and replace any heavy thoughts I was having about my day. So dreamy.

Steam is one of the most natural ways to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair, while stimulating new hair growth. The steam hydrates your scalp and your hair follicles which means they can rapidly absorb whatever treatment is applied.

One last rinse and a blow dry completed this sensory experience. And for days following, my hair was the softest and smoothest it’s ever been. Truly. 

I really don’t know why I was so quick to say you don’t need to try this…hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

Like a traditional skin facial, a hair facial can slip into your routine as preferred. Once a week, once a month, or an add-on when getting your next colour and cut.

Imagery sourced from @koda_cutters