Our Go-To Self Care Rituals

Our Go-To Self Care Rituals

At its core, self care is about doing whatever you need to regroup and recharge. Team Go-To are big supporters of that. (The kind of loud, obnoxious supporters that chant and wave pom-poms everywhere.) Taking care of yourself is enormously important. Especially right now. And there are countless ways to practice it. So we thought it might be useful to share our favourite self care rituals. Enjoy! (Or else.)

My Closed Door Routine. Once a week I close the bathroom door to kids and husband, and have uninterrupted time to double-cleanse, and double-mask, and tweeze and shave, and self tan and blow dry and style hair properly. It’s weekly, and it’s equally important for vanity and sanity.
Zoë Foster Blake, Founder

My #1 self-care ritual can be summed up in eight words: ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’. It’s my ultimate feel-good movie and there is no situation that it hasn’t been able to pick me up from. (Bad work day! Break-up! Pandemic!) You could also add a ninth word, if you wanted to add ‘wine’.
Alice, Content and Marketing Executive, Gro-To

Face masks. A lot of face masks. My favourite time of the week is when I absolutely pamper my face and feel ludicrously fancy and soft. I make it last hours and am so adorably pleased with myself by the time I get into bed.
Jess, Senior Brand Manager

Music! Whether I’m in a funk or just want to mentally-unwind, I’ll pop on some boppy tunes and dance it out à la Meredith Grey.
Alex, Customer Service Pixie

Usually self care for me is having a long shower, washing my hair, and then popping on a face mask but at the moment that hasn't been enough (still great, tho). Each night I have been jumping into bed early to watch a feel good movie/series. This weeks recco's - The Ugly Truth, Notting Hill, Cinderella Story, Always Be My Maybe, Shrek, and Friends (of course).
Christine, Office Manager & EA

Let me preface this by saying I’m not good at switching off. Or even turning down. And my ENFJ-self struggles with the lack of chit chat that becomes a constant when working from home. Current self care solution: FaceTime. I love a phone call but everyone’s new embrace of video calls has kept my little-extroverted-heart content. So I’ll phone-a-friend, face mask in tow, usually in my dressing gown and reset as best I can.
Em, Social Media and PR Executive

I like to wait until I’m almost unrecognisable (sorry housemate) then treat myself to everything at once: mani, pedi, pluck, shave, hair wash, hair mask, face mask, risky fringe trim, etc.
Hil, Gro-To Creative Lead

I live on my own, so at the moment ‘self care’ seems to be keeping in touch with family and friends however I can, and trying not to feel completely isolated. Ensuring I keep my body moving with at-home workouts as well as cooking nutritious meals (now that I have the time to!) is also working wonders for my mental and physical state. Resisting the chocolate snack drawer is testing my willpower on an hourly basis!
Natalie, Senior Graphic Designer

Am I allowed to say wine? Self care is hard when you have two small people under foot too. I need quiet time without anyone talking to me. I love a project, I never really like to do anything twice, but I’ll try anything once! I’m planning on doing lots of projects! I have clay to make plates, wool to knit a jumper, and I just found a still life drawing class that’s happening live on instagram tonight, so at 7.30pm I’ll be drawing pears and lemons tonight!
Rowena, Art Director

There’s nothing like stretching your legs and binge watching Netflix while having some snacks after a long day by yourself at home.
Icon, Web Developer

I spend a lot of time on my phone (for work, but also, for memes) so I make sure to leave a little bit of time every night to put my phone down and read. Even if it’s just a few pages, it always makes me feel chilled-out before bed. (FYI: I’m reading this at the moment. It’s as great as everyone says.)
Megs, Content Manager

Non-negotiable and essential to feeling my best is some quiet, alone time at the end of every day. I don't really meditate, but I love to take some time to process the day's events and think things through. It's when I find clarity and calm, and often when the creative juices flow. Oh ok, I will come clean, honestly, I am just using this as an excuse to watch Netflix in peace!
Leonie, Marketing and Communications Director

I LOVE a bath! Once a week, usually on Sundays, I will draw a bath, light some scented candles, add bath salts and soak for 20 minutes with a face mask on and whatever show I’m binge-watching on Netflix. It always helps me recharge and get ready for the week ahead!
Andrea, Ecommerce Manager

I’m torn between 20 min stretching/yoga flow or a mask (hair and face). Sometimes I put on my masks and then stretch. If I have time for those things it’s the ultimate self care ritual.
Makenzie, Wholesale Operations and Sustainability Executive.

Music would have to be one! And, of course, maybe a good glass of wine when needed.
Jena Ngatupuna, Production Manager

I’m going to be dramatically cliché and jump on the face mask train, because it’s criminal not to enjoy a face mask. But as a perpetually fair-skinned individual I’m also a big fan of the ol’ self tan. When applied correctly (important), I feel like a different human. Magically, my clothes are easier to wear, my confidence is annoyingly high, some would even say I look thinner (we can dream) and better rested. It’s godly.
Georgia, Community Coordinator

Jigsaw puzzles really help me to be mindful and screen-free for extended periods. Personally I think it’s important to have some time where you can focus on something that isn’t news-related. Also I’m a big advocate for wine in the bath.
Matt, Graphic Designer

Bedtime ritual (my favourite time of day) Shower, clean teeth and pamper face before climbing into bed to read lathered in hand cream. Heaven!
Diana, Customer Service Manager

I guess it would also be my bedtime ritual.

A warm shower, all the dental stuff (toothbrush, floss, mouthwash), quick shave, face wash with Properly Clean, that occasional swipey, the Face Hero (just the Bro-To, please) then the body moisturising with my preferred body lotion.

Any day I can end with all of that (and esp if it is in that order) is a good day.
Joey, Senior Web Developer