Your Iso Skin Questions, Answered

Your Iso Skin Questions, Answered

During this bizarre time you have asked us for some detailed tips on how you can keep your skin calm and healthy in the midst of so many changes. (You also requested more goat content.)

So! Here is everything you need to know to stop your skin from freaking out, while you’re staying in. (And here is an adorable goat video.) (You’re welcome.)

Do I still need to wear SPF if I’m at home all day?
You do! Here’s why: UVA rays (the ones best known for causing fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and premature ageing) are able to penetrate through glass and windows. So even if you’re inside all day, that cute face of yours could still cop sun damage. So, protect it, why don’t you! Apply your SPF in the morning as you would any other day.

I didn’t put on any makeup, do I still need to cleanse at night?
We recommend you do, yes! Even if you’re not wearing makeup, you should be cleansing to remove your AM skin care, plus any dirt, grime, excess oil, or banana bread crumbs that have found their way onto your face throughout the day.

Also: Your fancy PM skin care won’t work unless you cleanse properly first.

My skin’s wigging out. How do I help it?
You’re not alone! As our time spent indoors has gone way up, so have our stress levels. It makes sense that our skin needs some extra help. Annoyingly, these skin freak outs can be different for everyone. Not-annoyingly, we have lots of suggestions below on how to help treat the most common ones.

Breakouts: Products with salicylic acid are wonderful for keeping breakouts at bay, and targeted spot treatments are very helpful for speeding up the healing process for active, angry pimples.

Dry, dehydrated, or flaky skin: Dry skin will benefit enormously from adding in a hydrating booster. Be it a hydrating face oil, a twice weekly replenishing mask, or a serum with hyaluronic acid. Also very important: Keep up your water intake, and hydrate from the inside out.

Dullness: Make sure you’re exfoliating 2-3 times a week to thoroughly clear pores, and get rid of all those old, dull dead skin cells. Consider adding in something with niacinamide or vitamin c. Both are absurdly brightening, and excellent for dull skin.

Hangry: Schedule snack breaks every hour, on the hour. (This one’s non negotiable.)

How often should I be doing an At-Home Facial?
Once or twice a week is plenty to keep your skin happy and healthy. If you’re doing it too often, you risk overdoing it, which is an easy way to piss your skin off. Stick to one-two and squeeze in another self care ritual instead!

Is my dog interested in my work gossip?
Nah. But he’ll probably pretend in exchange for a scratch behind the ear and another treat.