With access to the world's leading experts, attending new product launches every single day (sometimes up to four times a day) and interviewing celebrities about their skincare must-haves, there's no one that knows beauty trends, products, treatments, ingredients and what really bloody works better than a beauty editor. So when they launch their own product, it usually has something important - and actually different - to add to the conversation. Here are six (yes, six!) of those brands created by the insiders who know best. Teeming with ideas of products she wanted for herself, beauty journalist Foster Blake would pitch them to existing beauty bosses like Sodashi founder, Megan Larsen. Foster Blake tells Gritty Pretty magazine: “I would be like, ‘Oh Megan, what if you make an multipurpose body oil? That’s what the girls want, that’s what’s cool.’ And I think after a while she’d just had so much of a gutful she was like ‘Hey, why don’t you do it?’.” So that’s what Foster Blake did. In 2014, Go-To launched with five essential skincare products capturing Foster Blake’s trademark sense of practicality, wit and beauty expertise. The skincare line has since added some more essentials including a hand cream, tinted lip balm and skincare spin-off for men, Bro-To.