Zoë Foster-Blake's story isn't new, but damn, it's impressive. A beauty editor turned author she started her very own beauty brand, Go-To, in response to the need for more simplified, effective skincare. She'd spent years reviewing beauty prods for all of Australia through the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan and her blog, so launching her very own was a natural, smart step for the businesswoman, author and mum. In an interview she did with herself (cute!), for Elle magazine, Zoe admits she doesn't see herself as a traditional businessperson. "I don't consider myself the classic businessperson (my accountant would ardently agree) it's just that I make stuff as well as books now. But you know what? At its heart I think 'business' is creative: seeing gaps, making useful products, earning permission to sell to your customers in a way that is fun and resonates . . . There's some strategy in all that, subconsciously or otherwise." "It's the creation bit I love. The spark of a good idea, and then acting on it. I want anything I produce to be good for people kind enough to try it, but it's the momentum and process I enjoy most. I wish I could do 50 projects a year."