I'm all about looking after your skin first, before thinking about make-up, says Emma Bates, the partnerships manager at millennial luggage brand Away. In the five years since she first started experimenting with skin care, Bates has tried a lot of different products, ultimately narrowing down her routine to a few key brands: Go-To, Philosophy, Hers, Bliss, and Supergoop! For her, it's all about products that don't involve a lot of complicated ingredients. She developed her eight-product evening routine through recommendations from friends, though she's also not above shopping based on ads. "Being in marketing, I will admit that I am a sucker for a great campaign or strategy, so there is the odd spontaneous purchase here and there", she admits. Below, a look at her favorite exfoliating pads, the hyaluronic serum she's willing to splurge on, and the prescription product that has helped her with fine lines.