My name is Elfy Scott. I'm an Australian writer, model, and absolute child on social media. I'm a big proponent of a good skincare routine and natural beauty, but I do like to wear a bunch of makeup when I go out and drink a lot, so what do I know, really? I love to squander vast amounts of money on skincare, and I really try to stick to a healthy rotation of oils, goos, and cleansers to make me feel all lovely and feminine. I also rarely miss an opportunity to get on the ol' high horse about using sunscreen every day (literally, everywhere, all over my body) I feel like a dolphin and leave grease prints on every surface I touch, but I'll be damned if it isn't a good investment of my time. Go-To's Face Hero is such a dream when my skin is in dire need of hydration and revival. I like to use it after long shoot days, when foundation has just sapped the moisture out of my skin, or after days at the beach, when the sun has done its best to leather-preserve my face. It’s also a must-have for long-haul flights, because it keeps me from looking like a crypt keeper by the time I step off the plane. This foaming cleanser by Go-To is both exceptionally powerful and remarkably gentle. It’s the Meryl Streep of cleansers. It’s such a deep clean, I think that even if you were wearing a full face of clown makeup, this stuff would take care of it. I use it for my morning and nightly cleanse every day.