A Sunday Day Self Care Routine

A Sunday Day Self Care Routine

I don’t buy into the Start On Monday Mentality. There’s something about the sleepy, calm vibe of Sundays that makes doing things that much more rewarding. And by doing things, I, of course, mean doing nice, relaxing, self-care-y things for yourself.

Self care isn’t all face masks and mani-pedis, either. They have a place in the reset recipe, sure, but there’s certainly more you can do for, well, you. So here are seven ways to nail your Sunday Self Care.

  1. Switch Off Your Phone

Back away from the quiz about which character from The Office you are and turn your phone off for an hour (or two, if you’re feeling particularly brave). Pick up a book, do a puzzle, and enjoy the good, notification-free times roll. Bonus points if you make your way down this whole list sans electronics.

  1. Do A Chore

Okay, okay. Your instincts might be telling you that this step stumbled onto the wrong list, but they’d be wrong, my dishwasher-averse friend. The benefits of doing a chore (yes, singular!) on a day of self care shouldn’t be underestimated. Freshly dried sheets will feel like a comforting hug. One load of washing will eliminate any midweek laundry stress. It doesn’t need to be a huge Kondo clean out. Pick something small and achievable and pay it forward for yourself.

  1. Have A Luxe Shower

Baths are classic self care fodder but hear me out, a bath is a commitment. And a pruney one at that. There’s something to be said for a nice, relaxing shower. Make it feel a little luxe. Do a double shampoo, pop on a hair mask, or use your favourite body scrub (or DIY one with equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil). Once you’re feeling positively polished, hop out, lightly towel off, and apply a body oil or lotion. Applying to slightly damp skin will make it soak in like a (tropical-island scented) dream.

  1. Rest Up

You did that one chore, remember? You’ve definitely earned yourself a nap. Just keep it to 20 minutes or so to avoid spilling over into post-nap-weariness territory.

  1. Cook Yourself A Treat

Nothing says self care like comfort food. The aptly-named Casual Apple Tart from Alison Roman’s book Nothing Fancy will make its way into the Sunday hall-of-fame one delicious mouthful at a time. And endear you to every partner/housemate/parent/cat in your household. Promise.

  1. Watch Something That Makes You Laugh

I enjoy true crime and thrillers as much as the next gin-drinking psychopath but on Sunday I need something heartwarming and chuckle-worthy. My picks? Notting Hill and Parks & Rec (for the ninth time).

  1. Turn Your Bathroom Into A Posh Spa

The peach sprinkles on your Sunday Self Care Cake is a skin care routine so extra you’re a little embarrassed to write it down. But don’t be! Taking the time to treat your skin every now and then is equally beneficial and relaxing. The products you use will be largely dependent on your skin goal and what you have on hand but use the below as a guideline, and add and subtract as many as you like.

A suggested Sunday Night Facial for bright, bouncy skin:
Step 1. Massage oil cleanser all over your face for at least 30 seconds
Step 2. Double cleanse with a water-based cleanser
Step 3. Exfoliate to clear away dead skin cells, and brighten dull skin
Step 4. Pop on a gentle clay mask to areas prone to congestion
Step 5. Follow with a moisture-jammed mask to replenish and hydrate the skin
Step 6. Apply any serums for targeted skin issues
Step 7. Massage in 3-5 drops of face oil for serious nourishment
Step 8. Lock everything in with a lush, restorative night cream

Phew! Now that you’ve had the most indulgent day possible, feel free to reward yourself with that Buzzfeed quiz you’ve been thinking about since you switched off your phone. (And now we know that none of us are Micheal Scott, go about your night in peace.)