Fragrance Free Vs Unscented. What’s The Difference?

Fragrance Free Vs Unscented. What’s The Difference?

Fragrance-free skincare is exactly as it sounds; formulas that contain no added fragrance of the synthetic or natural variety. It’s what makes them so perfect for sensitive skin and sensitive schnozzes (citrus and florals simply aren’t for everyone). 

So does that mean it smells like nothing? 

Not always. These products can still have a scent about them and that’s the big difference between ‘fragrance-free’ products vs ‘unscented’.

Fragrance-free means there is no fragrance added to make the product smell a certain way, or to mask the smell of ingredients present. 

Unscented products may contain masking agents or are specifically formulated to have no smell.

Some natural ingredients have a pleasant fragrance but cause no irritation and are great for skin. (All the more reason to add them to our formulas!) This includes rosemary leaf, macadamia and jojoba oils. Find these in Face Hero, Much Brighter Skin, Very Luxe Face Cream to name a few. 

Who should be using fragrance-free?

Anyone can! There are several reasons why you might choose to use fragrance-free products on your skin. It might be that:

  • Fragrance is a sensory barrier for you.
  • Your skin is particularly sensitive to fragrance ingredients – even the natural ones.
  • Your nose just isn’t a fan of a particular smell. (We won’t hold it against you! Promise.)

Should I make the switch?

If you’re currently flogging fragranced products without experiencing any irritation or discomfort, then no. There’s no need to make the switch. 

Know that at Go-To we only ever use naturally-derived fragrances that have been thoroughly researched and tested (not on animals, obviously) prior to popping them in peach packaging. 

A few Go-To products fall under this ‘fragrance free’ category (Gentle Exfoliator, Clarifying Exfoliator, Glow Exfoliator, Much Plumper Skin).

And as with any new skincare product you’re introducing, fragrance free, unscented, or otherwise, it’s best to patch test first and see how your skin reacts. 

Alright, now sniff off!