Easy-As Hair Tips

Easy-As Hair Tips

Everyone knows the way to get rid of Bad Hair Days for good is to strike a deal with a wise old witch living under a bridge in Eastern Europe.

But she’s pretty hard to track down, so try these (un-stuff-up-able) hair tips in the meantime.

Should You Need To Reset Dirty Hair Fast…

Something easy and quick like dry shampoo is the obvious choice here, but if you can spare a couple of extra minutes try this: Wet your hair, mousse it, and then quickly blow dry some shape into it. Once your hair is around 50% dry use a vented barrel brush (look for words like: tourmaline, ceramic, ionic or thermal).

Vented hair barrel brushes are notoriously quick to use and therefore perfect if you need to smooth, straighten, curl, or shape/save your hair in a hurry. Finish by pulling your fresh(-ish) hair back into a low messy bun.

Should You Wish To Stop Frizziness….

Amongst their other epic qualities, silk pillowcases are phenomenal if you want to get bed head to rack off. They’re extremely gentle on hair which will prevent frizziness, tangles, and knots. And the fact that they do all of this while you are sleeping is just the cherry on top of the Good Hair Sundae.

Also: Silk pillowcases will keep your fancy blow dries/breathtaking hairstyles in tact longer and if you treat them well (cold hand wash, no bleach, date nights every second Friday) they’ll last for years.

Should You Need Something To Dazzle And Distract…

Then a hair clip is precisely what you need. They’re versatile! They’re jazzy! They distract from greasy hair! They always pay the rent on time! And perhaps most importantly, they give a lot of impact for very minimal effort. The perfect intersection, in other words.

Try using a hair clip to secure little twists of hair pulled back off the face, or blow drying your hair silky and smooth, popping it up in a pony, and finishing with a hair clip.

Should You Want To Make Expensive Blow Dries Last Longer…

Don’t finish with a serum or hairspray (and politely request your stylist doesn’t either). Opt for a lightweight mousse, instead! They’re the perfect foundation for hair styling and are far superior if what you’re after is hold/longevity/not having to redo your hair tomorrow. Clever!