Women We Go To: Meet Leonie!

Women We Go To: Meet Leonie!

The many female faces behind Go-To are goddam great at what they do, keeping the peach cogs turning across formulations, finance, marketing, customer service, so YOU can have happy, healthy skin. So! It’s high time you got a chance to properly meet a few…

Between board meetings, 1:1 check ins with the entire marketing team (name a better mentor), and walking barefoot through the office brewing 12 cups of tea our Chief Marketing Officer, Leonie, is making sure all Go-To marketing materials are resonating with our loyal customers - ensuring it’s cheeky! Fun! Effective! A stubborn, but relaxed, Tauran through and through. 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your future self? 

So many things. Don't sweat the small stuff. Recognise what is small stuff. Be kind to others but also yourself. And wear SPF (everyone says it, because it's TRUE!).

How does it make you feel working for/with a predominantly female company like Go-To?

It's such a joy coming to work and sitting side by side with some very clever, funny and committed women. As the “honorary” mum of the group I am often lending a supportive shoulder, and a guiding direction, but more often than not I am cheerleading this amazing team and making not so funny “mum” jokes. Google it, it's a thing.

What’s one moment in life, or work, where you felt proud of yourself? 

Cliché, but I am very proud of raising, alongside my very supportive husband, my three adult children to be kind and hardworking. 

From a career perspective I have had lots of wonderful wins and successes but none would have been possible without fostering a good supportive team environment and that I am very proud of.

There’s nothing worse than hitting the Go-To lolly jar at 3pm to find there’s only musk sticks left. Can you talk us through another life event that required a bit of gusto to get through?

Well firstly, musk sticks for the WIN, and it's a good day when the lolly jar still has anything in it at 3pm. I think parenting requires absolute gusto. The teenage years can be hard and juggling a career at the same time is not easy. You need stamina, patience and kindness and a few margaritas to help you draw on that gusto.

Given that you work at Go-To, you should know all the unwritten beauty rules (and follow them too!). But tell us, are you hiding behind any skincare sins?

Not enough SPF on my neck is definitely a rule I wish I had followed earlier. I also tried many actives in my twenties, a perk of working in the industry and my skin is much more sensitive as a result. Save those actives for later on, when you really need them!