The 10 Things I Never Travel Without

Andrea Gonzalez
Less than 3 minutes / September 15, 2020
The 10 Things I Never Travel Without

Hi! I’m Andrea, Go-To’s ecommerce manager and Unofficial Travel Expert. I’ve packed (and unpacked) so many suitcases in my life that I’ve got the routine down to a t.

While overseas travel is still (..very) far off, I’ve started planning some long weekends and road trips around Sydney for the meantime. (Some would say far too many.) (I am not one of those people.)

If, like me, you can’t wait to get out of the city, I’ve put together a list to make packing incredibly easy. These are the 10 things I always take with me on every single of one of my weekend trips, and the things I recommend you take too.

  1. Transformazing: They take literally no space in your bag, and they are essential after a long drive (when you feel a bit flat) or a big night. There’s always one or two in my weekend bag.
  2. A good book: Even if you’re only going on a short weekend trip, it doesn’t really feel like a holiday if you don’t spend some time, switching off, reading a good book. (I also always take these when flying, you know, whenever that’s A Thing again.)
  3. Headphones: I pretty much always have my airpods with me and travelling is no exception.
  4. Phone charger: Self-explanatory. I have a small bag with my travel chargers always ready to go, so I don’t need to take (..or forget) my home charger.
  5. Playlist/podcasts: Okay, this isn’t something you can really pack.. but you can prepare it. And you should, because it’s very important for travel. Whether you’re flying (can you tell I have major withdrawal symptoms?) or driving, make sure you get a few good playlists and podcasts that will be available even if you don’t have internet connection. There’s nothing worse than your playlist suddenly stopping when you’re driving through an area with no reception!
  6. SPF: We live in Australia. It’s a must! even when you’re not going anywhere. Always. Wear. SPF.
  7. Swimwear: Yes, even in winter. Even if the weather forecast looks rainy. Even if it doesn’t seem like there will be any opportunity to swim. You just never know. Maybe there’s a heated pool where you’re going. Or a hot tub. Or hot springs! I never again want to buy a hideous bikini because I forgot mine at home, and neither do you.
  8. Hand sanitiser: Because: Covid. But also, public toilets (especially those in service stations) are generally gross, and you will want to have this on hand if you need to use one.
  9. First aid kit: nothing fancy, just some plasters, hayfever tablets and the like. But mostly full of ibuprofen and hydralite for potential hangovers. The last thing you want to do when you wake up after a big night is trying to locate a pharmacy in a place you don’t know!
  10. If I’m feeling really fancy, I pack Face Case so I can keep my skin crease-free and hair non-frizzy wherever I am sleeping. Just don’t leave it in your hotel room. Please!

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