Why We Made Three Exfoliating Toners

Why We Made Three Exfoliating Toners

The (natural) chemical acids in our exfoliating toners work by lifting off the buildup of dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion (AHAs and PHAs forte), or by deeply purifying clogged pores to help clean and clear any bacteria (BHAs do this best). But if you were to pick the wrong formula it could work in reverse. Stripping and aggravating the skin.

So that’s why we made three exfoliating toners. More tailored options. More skin types we can treat. 

And what determines this is the acid used. Plus its strength. 

With our jazzy new trio - including our first ever BHA and first ever glycolic! - you can select the results you want for the skin you have, and rest easy knowing there’ll be no spicy side effects.

Chemical exfoliants have fast become a beauty staple. Mainly because of their proven ability to renew the skin without damaging your barrier the way those scrubby, physical variants could/often do. Plus, there’s more of an opportunity to inject sophisticated ingredients into the formula. 

Go-To (proudly) being Go-To, our brand new suite of exfoliating toners are entirely: plant-based, alcohol-free, packed with a handful of soothing and calming ingredients to reduce redness and irritation. Think Tasmanian Pepper fruit extract and aloe vera extract. It’s high time me, you, Aunty Sue unlearned that stinging and burning does not translate to “it’s working”. 

You know what they (we) say: Good skin comes in threes.