Boost Your Glow, Just By Face Rolling

Boost Your Glow, Just By Face Rolling

Face rollers are a bit of an anomaly; they popped up (seemingly out of nowhere) one day, and became a skincare staple the next. Put on a beauty pedestal for their super easy skin massaging or facial sculpting benefits, we thought it best to let you know: there’s a reason we’re hooked, why they come in the materials they do, and that there is a right way to roll. 

First things first, what even is face rolling? 

Typically made from crystal, jade and rose quartz being the most popular, face rollers (and cryo rollers and gua shas!) are designed to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system. So much more than a chic looking addition to your beauty shelfie, this skincare technique has actually been around for a very long time. Chinese cultures have been using crystal beauty tools for centuries as they are believed to carry anti-ageing properties. Oh, and apparently Cleopatra was quite keen on crystals as a way to keep her complexion clear and wrinkle free.

The benefits of using a face roller are pretty extensive. Used correctly they can improve skin tone and texture, decrease puffiness, ease muscle tension, encourage collagen production, smooth wrinkles, and tighten your pores. Woah. By increasing blood circulation with each sweeping motion, you’re going to look brighter and more awake, like you didn’t just snooze nine alarms, and therefore walk away from the vanity with a revitalised complexion. 

Right, so how do I incorporate one into my routine?

We could say ‘just have a crack!’, but there’s actually a bit of a trick to massaging your face correctly with a roller. It can’t be random, and you don’t want to be going back and forth like you would a pizza dough. Beginning in the middle of your face, roll up to your hairline and out to the edges of your cheeks, repeating at least five rolls in each area before moving to the next. With each upwards/outwards motion you can gradually apply more pressure to ensure you are really lifting those facial muscles for a youthful finish. Think of it like encouraging your lymphatic system to work in overdrive (in a good way!). 

Around the eyes is where you want to be a little more cautious, and where a mini roller is going to come in really handy! Hey! We have one of those! Our under eyes are more sensitive than the rest of our face, as the skin here is much thinner (and prone to damage from products and tools). Going in with a smaller tool will allow you to gently reach those fine lines and help work away those suitcases on display after a few sleepless nights. 

For long lasting benefits you want to make face rolling a part of your daily regimen, retraining your facial muscles to sit tight and upright. Defying gravity! And if you really want to double down on the skin lovin’ after you’ve got the swing of it, face rolling is made even more therapeutic when you add a few drops of face oil to the roller, or a nourishing sheet mask underneath, pressing those antioxidants and serums into the skin at the same time.