Posh Cloth

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Three Muslin Cloths For Multiple Use

Three Muslin Cloths For Multiple Use

Three muslin cloths for very soft, very clean, very posh skin.

Used with an oil/balm cleanser, this simple two-step ritual is the best way to thoroughly wipe away the day. Posh cloth removes all traces of cleanser from your face, as well as all of your makeup, dirt, sunscreen and dead skin cells. This is some glorious old-school, facialist-level witchcraft.

Posh Cloth was designed to pair perfectly with Fancy Face or The Removalist (Purple!) and leave skin nourished, clean, and wildly soft.

Wash and care for your sweet little cloth:
- Wash before first use
- Rinse with soap and warm water after each use
- Pop it in the washing machine after a few uses (with like colours, and without fabric softener)
- Tumble dry on low heat
- Don't iron or dry clean your muslin (why would you)


Acne Prone

Acne Prone

Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin


Swipe Me

In The AM!

If your skin tends to accumulate a bit of sebum overnight, you can whip me out here too (with Fancy Face, of course).

In the PM!

Apply oil cleanser and massage thoroughly before saturating your Posh Cloth in hand-hot water and squeezing any excess. Use all over the face to remove product in small, ciruclar motions. Splash your face with water, then finally, pat dry.

Use a clean cloth after a couple of uses. Dirty face cloths can breed bacteria. Gross.

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