The Funtastic Four

Birthday Bundle

$49 $75.50

    Bedtime just got 400% funner.

    Bedtime just got 400% funner.

    We love birthday surprises: Balloons! Fairy bread for breakfast! Fun skincare bundles that give you calm, soft little squirts and a sweet little saving. So, we’re celebrating turning four with The Funtastic Four – a limited birthday bundle that’ll nab you three of your Gro-To favourites, and a book, and a 35% discount. (But no fairy bread ‘cos we ate it all.) 

    Including Skin Wizard, Super Softy, Bad Dream Buster and a copy of Gro-To founder Zoë Foster Blake’s bubble-filled ode to bathtime, Scaredy Bath, the Funtastic Four is $49 (but valued at $75.50!) and available for a very fleeting time.



    Give your kid a great birthday.

    We’ve become masters of the lockdown party at our place. Which made us realise/remember that YAH, PARTIES ARE GOOD. But so long as there are some decorations, some cake, something they are not usually allowed to eat or do, and something to open, kids are very very happy. Here’s some of the things we do for our kids on their birthday.


    How do I use this set?

    After bath, massage Skin Wizard all over freshly-washed, slightly damp skin. This will be both fun and a challenge, as the slippery, wriggly child becomes even slipperier and wrigglier. Tip: Let kids rub the oil in on their tiny limbs. They LOVE it.

    Apply Super Softy all over little legs, arms, tums and rumps. (Especially rumps.)

    You’ve done PJs and teeth, now it’s time for a story. About a Scaredy Bath who does not like bath time... the piping hot water, the gooey muck, the small boisterous grubby children that shout and splash and make Scaredy all mucky! What’s a bath to do?

    Spray Bad Dream Buster before lights out, wherever nighttime nuisances are known to lurk (under beds, along windows) for a calm, fright-free sleep.

    Your Evening Routine.

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