Firstly, It's ZFB. We love her and all that she does. But does that a good product make? On this occasion yes, actually. Blake's made no secret of the exacerbated timeline to get this product off the ground, discussing the process in detail on her personal Instagram account. I submitted the first product brief in May 2014. It's been over three years and well over 100 versions thus far. Her exacting standards and award-winning pharmaceutical team behind Go-To are responsible for the cult classic Face Hero facial oil and the Transformazing sheet face mask. This team know that a good facial SPF (particularly a zinc-base blend) needs to tick three pretty big boxes if it's going to have legs in market: 1. no white residue, 2. no sticky feeling, 3. mustn't be drying. And guess what? Zincredible totally nailed the checklists and then some.