The Best Beauty Advice Our Mums Gave Us

The Best Beauty Advice Our Mums Gave Us

It's almost Mother's Day. We can tell because the gift hints have really ramped up. (And also because of the time, date, etc.) To celebrate all of the magnificent women in our lives, Go-To HQ has decided to share all of the brilliant beauty advice they've received from their Mums, Grandmas, Godmothers, Aunties, Mother-In-Laws, or other, Mother-Like-People with you.

"Mum is not hugely into beauty, (well, she wasn’t until her daughter started a skin care brand...) preferring instead to have a handful of products she trusts and loves. As a kid I remember she only wore her Helena Rubenstein eye palette, mascara, Anais Anais fragrance, and Revlon lipstick. Skin care was even more simple, but boy did she love her rosehip oil. Her love for it transferred into my love… which eventually turned into Face Hero. Thanks Gerdy!"
Zoë, CCO and Founder

“I rocked the bushy brow look (before it was cool) all the way through school because mum never let me pluck my own eyebrows. I’m very grateful for those years of torment now. Mum was right (as usual), big brows are cool!”
Chiara, PR & Partnership Specialist

"My Mum taught me three great pieces of beauty advice that I continue to be religious about. Firstly, to always wash your makeup off at the end of the day no matter how tired you are. Secondly, to be super gentle around the eye area (never tugging at it to remove eye-makeup etc). Thirdly, the best anti-ageing trick is to not sun bake and always protect your skin with SPF."
Jess, HR Manager

"My Grandmother always carries around a tube of lipstick because she is wise and insists that you never know when it will come in handy. The pivotal part of this advice is to always, always make sure there isn’t any leftover lipstick on your teeth. Very! Important!"
Lilith, Digital Content Manager

"Brush your hair before it turns into clumps of knots so great the only fix is a hairdresser hacking into them. Seven year old me didn’t listen. Eight year old learnt the knotty way. Brush your hair."
Jess, Group Marketing Manager

"A classic red lipstick and a signature fragrance were my mum’s best beauty tips. Even as a young girl I can still remember smelling Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew before mum even entered the room. She was always happy to invest in a statement lipstick and would treat herself to a classic black Chanel Rouge every birthday (which I used to steal from her handbag regularly)."
Kerry, Group Product Manager

“My Grandma persuaded me to stop biting my nails as a teenager with the promise of my first ever manicure and skincare regime - the Clinique 3 Step! Her lesson of always looking after your skin started my love of skincare and as a bonus I still don’t bite my nails!”
Leonie, Chief Marketing Officer

"Always remove your makeup before bed. This nugget of wisdom was embedded into me growing up competitively dancing but even more so now when the dancing tends to involve mojitos, waking up in yesterday’s makeup is never a good idea."
Georgia, Group Marketing and Content Coordinator

“Drink more water.” Need I say more?
Cynthia, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I was very lucky and got great advice from my mum and nana. My mum showed me how to apply makeup for all occasions - lip liner is always your best friend when wearing any shade of lipstick. My nana would also say look after your hair - keep it well maintained and always use coconut oil on the ends of your hair.
Jena, Production Manager

"Don't stress about every little wrinkle. It's not worth it! Also, don't cut your own fringe. I haven't always listened to Mum's advice (see my primary school DIY bangs), but she's given me such a beautiful gift in growing older gracefully, and embracing it.”
Alice, Gro-To Brand Manager

"My Mum constantly told me to wear sunscreen to protect my (ghost-like) skin from sun damage. Which is excellent advice that I obviously ignored for years because I was an idiot sure I knew better. Spoiler: I didn’t. She was right. Always wear sunscreen."
Megs, Brand Content Manager

"My mum’s ‘beauty’ advice was take care of your teeth! Brushing and flossing was always part of the routine. I feel like taking care of your skin and your smile go hand in hand."
Tara, Community Coordinator