Benefits Of A Basic Skincare Routine, And How To Build One

Benefits Of A Basic Skincare Routine, And How To Build One

Is it possible to build a hard-working, do-goody skincare routine using minimal products? The answer is yes! Always yes! 

Not to completely confuse you, but less is more and more is more in the world of beauty, it just depends on what works best for your one-of-a-kind face. 

Simple and uncomplicated is what Go-To does best, so whether you’re starting out on your skincare journey (welcome!), wanting to get back to basics (who doesn’t love a streamlined routine), or, don’t quite understand the bewildering world of actives, enzymes, humectants…listen here.

We’ve come up with a beautifully basic 3-step guide that will still grant you serious glow and protection. Every damn day. 


Cleansing is important, super important. If you don’t nail the first step all your remaining skincare won’t get the chance to really penetrate the skin and do its job (sad! Not ideal!). This is a foolproof way to wash off any lingering SPF, dirt, grime, makeup, bagel crumbs, so your face/soul is left feeling clean and nourished. 

What cleanser should you be using? Well, it very much depends on your skin type

  • Normal: You get your pick of the bunch (lucky), gels, oils, creams, mousses.
  • Oily: Same as above, no need to be scared of oils just because you’re oily.
  • Dry: Oils and mousses are where you’ll find great results. 
  • Combination: Gels, oils, mousses will best address your concerns. 

Reminder, in the PM, we highly, highly recommend going in for the double cleanse. The most thorough way to remove any excess oils and unwanted build-up which has made its way onto your cute face during the day. 


Hydrated skin is glowy, bouncy, and ready for anything. For the middle of your skincare sandwich we’re going to roll ‘choose your own adventure’ style. If your skin is feeling super thirsty, a hydrating serum might be the immediate boost you need to get that juicy look. Anything with hyaluronic acid or glycerin will deeply quench and nourish each layer of the skin. 

If you prefer to keep it in the realm of ‘a piece of cake’ (any excuse to talk about red velvet), then a moisturiser is a superbly simple way to look after your moisture barrier and keep it strong; boosting hydration levels and regulating oil. Not quite sure which glorious goop is the perfect match for you? We can help


Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays which can cause sunburn, sunspots, ageing, pigmentation, wrinkles, even skin cancer. (Did you know Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world?*) An SPF, preferably broad spectrum, should be a part of your daily skincare routine. Every single morning. Otherwise, happy and healthy skin is so much harder to maintain. 

*Global Cancer Observatory, March 2022, Skin Cancer Statistics