Start Patch Testing Your Beauty Products, Already

Start Patch Testing Your Beauty Products, Already

The only thing more fun than buying new skincare is knowing that those shiny new products will work for your skin with a simple, effective patch test.

Okay, that’s a lie. The shopping bit is infinitely more fun. But the patch testing bit is an important next step, nonetheless.

Why Is Patch Testing Important?

Skin is incredibly personal. The way your skin reacts to a product might be totally different to how your sister/best friend/great aunt’s would. So it’s well worth your time to make sure the stuff in your routine is right for you before you start slathering it all over your face. And speaking of time, the whole patch testing process is very quick and could save you from dealing with a much bigger reaction.

Which Skin Types Need To Patch Test?

All of them! The obvious choice here is sensitive/sensitised skin as they are typically reactive but that doesn’t mean if you have another skin type you can skip the patch test. You never know how your skin will react.

How To Patch Test Your New Skincare:

  1. Pick an area to do your patch test. Keeping in mind that the skin of your face/neck is different to the rest of your body (that area is more sensitive) so it’s important to test your face products on that area, to get a real indication of how your face is going to react. Behind your ear, under your jaw are both good options as they can be easily concealed if you do have a reaction.
  1. Apply a small amount of the product to freshly cleansed skin as directed. (i.e. If it’s a face cream or oil, apply it and leave as you normally would. If it’s a face mask, apply and remove after the indicated time period.)
  1. Keep a close eye on how your skin reacts. If you start to notice any irritation when you’re applying the product (in the form of redness, heat, itching, stinging, etc.) remove it and cleanse your skin. If you don’t, leave it on and take note of how your skin looks and feels over the next 24 hours.
  1. The final, and most important step: Enjoy your products! Now that you know the formula gets on just fine with your skin, you can go ahead and add them into your routine.