Why We Made The Repair Shop

Why We Made The Repair Shop

Meet The Repair Shop; our brand new ceramide repair mask.

She’s been in the works for a long time, and I’m so excited she’s here because now I, proud Go-To tyrant and lover of skin care, can use exclusively Go-To for my Sunday Night DIY Facials; we finally offer every product to ensure your skin gets a professional level treatment, in the comfort of your own home. Also, as a woman with dry skin, and someone who doesn’t mind a bit of Vitamin C, A and AHAs, I am so delighted to have this very replenishing, calming mask in my arsenal to provide some ‘down time’ for my face, and a chance for it to recover and regenerate.

This lush restorative cream is our third mask, so we now have an option:

Think of The Repair Shop as giving back. We take so much from our skin! We ask so much of it! This rich, creamy mask is here to restore, repair, and strengthen your skin’s barrier. It’s the mask you turn to when your skin is in need of some love, whether it's sad, stressed or thirsty, in a tizz from a procedure, or you use a lot of high-strength acids and resurfacing products. One takes things (grime, oil, SPF and makeup build-up) out, and one puts things (ceramides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, essential fatty acids) back in. It’s a beautiful duo.

The Repair Shop has been formulated with Ceramides and Provitamin B5 to replenish and strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier, as well as water-drawing humectants Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin to plump, hydrate and leave skin deliciously juicy. Then, a range of calming skin saviours like Vitamin E and Buriti Oil come in to rescue and soothe even the saddest of skins. It’s a hug in a tube. It’s a warm towel, right out of the dryer. It’s someone silently giving you a cup of tea when they can see you’re upset.

Don’t have a Sunday Night DIY Facial?

Haven’t bothered with cream masks since high-school? Don’t have the time? Not convinced it’s worth it? Try it, friend! Call it self-care, call it maintenance, call it a friend; whatever. It’s an investment in your skin’s future... but you get the stunning glow and healthy skin immediately. It’s easy, enjoyable, and gives intense (and visual) pay off. Ritualise an at-home facial and you WILL see the difference! I promise! Why else do you think I’m using all these exclamation points! Gah!

Here’s a simple how-to:

Begin with a thorough clean, (ideally double cleansing with our oil cleanser, Fance Facy, then our water-based cleanser, Properly Clean), followed by exfoliation (Exfoliating Swipeys) or a clarifying deep clean (The Removalist clay mask), finished with a nourishing barrier repair mask (The Repair Shop). And then your usual face oil (Face Hero) and moisturiser (Very Useful Face Cream). Face feels incredible. Skin looks unbelievable. Week starts right.

Masking isn’t a trend or a fad. It’s some of the oldest old-school skin care around, and it endures for a reason. It superboosts and supplements your every day skin care routine, and makes a real difference. You’ll see.