Worry Free Skin Care.

Gro-To makes very gentle, very effective, and very useful bath and body care for babies and kids. If you're choosing plant-based skin care for yourself, we now give you the opportunity to choose that for your children, too.

Gro-To Products by Go-To Skincare

This is a tight edit of essential, reliable and failsafe bath and body care products made by a very busy mother with no time for irritating, ineffective, time-wasting or dull products. Her kids have skin that default to itchy, dry and rashy, so she defaulted to using her own skin care line, Go-To, which she knew was pure, soothing and would sort things right out. Eventually, tired of using tubes and tubes of her face cream on her squishy son's rashy little tummy, she decided to develop a line specifically for babies and kids skin's needs.

Gro-To Products by Go-To Skincare

Gro-To products are free from silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), synthetics and all the usual pests. Phew!

Toddler holding Gro-To products

The ingredients in Gro-To have been selected to be not only non-irritating, but enormously nourishing and calming. We do not use any silicones, petrolatum and mineral oils, PEGS, parabens, sulfates (SLS), synthetic fragrances and colours, and GMOs. We formulate our products to be pH balanced, and utilising as many natural soothing, regenerative oils and butters as possible, to give even touchy, unpredictable skin a chance to be calm, soft and nourished.

Gro-To gives little people happy skin, and a sense of ownership about their body and what's being used on it.

Here's what we leave out, and why:

Silicones are slippery, synthetic polymers that make cosmetics feel and look nice on the skin. Synthetic fillers create a film on the skin that can clog pores and cause dehydration. And being a 'barrier' they can prevent further moisture getting into the skin and slow down the natural skin cell renewal process. In short: They're not great. Especially if you're prone to breakouts or inflamed skin.

We use only natural essential oils, and in minute amounts in Gro-To. We believe scent is an enormous factor in the enjoyment of skin, bath and body care, and hope that when you smell our Gro-To scent, you associate it fondly with your sweet, squishy little rascals.

Parabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives in food, cosmetics and therapeutic products to keep them fresh and bacteria-free. Parabens have been linked to skin irritation, and since the sensitive, easily-irritated and allergy-prone among us may react to parabens, and we're sensitive-skin friendly, we keep 'em out.

A mix of compounds and polymers used as emulsifiers or emollients, or to keep ingredients stable. PEGs themselves aren't bad guys, but since they enhance absorption of other ingredients, they could be fast-tracking chemical undesirables into your skin.

Cleansing agents that get rid of dirt and oil and makes things foamy. They are known to be extremely drying and irritating, and also have a rep for being skin and eye irritants, so you won't find them in any Go-To or Gro-To products.

Petroleum derivatives coat the skin, but do nothing to nourish it, and since they act like cling wrap on the skin, they inhibit the skin's ability to excrete toxins. We use natural and nourishing oils like olive, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond instead.

Synthetic colours make products look nice, but they are purely aesthetic. They can cause skin sensitivity and irritation and have zero skin care benefit, so they've got no place in our line-up.

These are genetically modified organisms. The World Health Organisation describes GMOs as "organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in such a way that does not occur naturally". The problem with cosmetics with GMOs, is that we don't have enough long term studies to know how/if they will affect our health. And if there's any doubt, we don't use them.

Toddler holding Gro-To products