Amazinger Face by Zoë Foster Blake

A Beauty Bible


A beauty bible by Go-To founder and former beauty director, Zoë Foster Blake.

Amazinger Face is the fully revised and updated follow-up to Amazing Face, which was written after Zoë spent years reviewing and using every kind of beauty product known to man, woman, or frog.

The perfect read for anyone wanting to learn how to correctly apply SPF, for those interested in the shelf life of mascara, and just for all people with faces, everywhere, really.



The Skin Care Advice I Would Give To My 20-Year Old Self

In my years as a beauty director, I tested zillions of products. It was my job to use, review and decode skin care, makeup and hair products, then communicate all of this in a fun, understandable way.

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How Do I Use It?

Read it! Learn from it! Take it to dinner at least twice a week!

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