Bath Buds


What is it?

Three things you need for a tremendous time in the tub? Sud Bud, our gentle, plant-based body cleanser with mountains of foam, Skin Wizard, an ultra-nourishing post-bath body oil that calms dry, cranky, unpredictable skin, and at least 63 different bath toys. (Okay okay, we’re exaggerating, you only need 62.) The ultimate clean-and-calming duo, our Bath Buds turn grubby children into gloriously soft, squeaky clean little squirts.


A little grub’s BFF (Bath Friends Forever).


How Do I Use This Set?

  1. Squirt 5-6 pumps of Sud Bud into a running bath and whisk like mad for a gentle bubble bath. Or use as body wash or mild shampoo (avoid eyes!). 
  2. After a light towel-off post-bath/shower (while your wriggly little rascal is still damp), massage all over for relief, rescue and replenishment.
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