Brand New BB


What is it?

Quit Googling ‘new baby gifts’. They don’t need another blanket. Instead, give new parents what they actually want, and will actually use: a practical gift they can use daily on the baby, and a few treats for the hero in all this mum.

Featuring Super Softy, a nourishing, calming body lotion, and Skin Wizard, a silky, soothing, dreamy body oil, perfect for baby massage. We also popped in Face Hero (our best-selling face oil) and Transformazing (our facial-in-a-sachet sheet mask) for mum’s face, plus a little love note to congratulate her on creating the miracle of life, and then giving it safe passage from her body.

Brand New BB comes in a fun and practical yellow towelling zippy bag perfect for travel, or to store all your Gro-To products.


Terry Towelling Bag
'You Got This' Letter

12 out of 10 tiny humans prefer Gro-To.


How Do I Use This Set?

For The Little Person!

  1. Rub Skin Wizard all over damp skin. This is a great opportunity to take the time for a little baby massage (especially if they won’t toot) and coo and sing a little bit.
  2. Apply Super Softy all over little legs, arms, tums, and rumps (especially rumps).
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For The Big Person!

  1. Want your skin to wake the hell up? Got an event, meeting, or just thinking of leaving the house? Use this mask when you want to remind people that you’re still a luminous beast underneath all the fatigue and milk and baby spew.
  2. Cleanse your skin. Apply Transformazing onto face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. 
  3. As you wait, read the note from Zoë. Remember: You’re not alone. Your fellow mums are all around you, with a cup of tea and a hug if you need it. You can do this! You already are.
  4. Remove mask, pat in excess serum. 
  5. Apply 3-5 drops of Face Hero for deep nourishment and the perfect glowing canvas for makeup. 
  6. Finish off with makeup and enjoy very amazing, very glowy, very luminous skin, as well as multiple comments on said skin. Shine on, you beautiful pony!

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