Scaredy Bath

By Zoë Foster Blake


What is it?

A gorgeous bubble-filled ode to bath-time chaos, as seen from the bath’s point of view.

Bath-time is fun! There’s the bubbles, the bath toys and lots of splashing of course. But have you ever wondered what it’s like for the bath?

Scaredy Bath does not like bath time... the piping hot water, the gooey muck and especially not the small boisterous grubby ones that shout and splash and make Scaredy all mucky! What’s a bath to do? Will Scaredy Bath ever enjoy bath time?

Written by Gro-To founder, Zoë Foster Blake, and joyously brought to life by the hilarious splash-filled illustrations of Daniel Gray-Barnett.


Not as a bath toy. But definitely as a fun way to pass the time before bed.

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