Honey Skin: What It Is and How To Get It

Honey Skin: What It Is and How To Get It

Oh sure, you’ve mastered Glass Skin and Dolphin Skin, but have you ever heard of Honey Skin?

I hadn’t until very recently, but naturally, moments after seeing some examples of it (picture: very hydrated, very plump skin that radiates health) I instantly wanted to know everything about it and how I could get it myself.

Enter: Qi Alchemy’s In-house K-Beauty Skin Expert, Janice Kang. Janice has been in the beauty world for over 15 years (!) and has done everything from creating products to training beauty advisors to giving women guidance on how to get healthy skin. She’s also generously agreed to help get me up to speed on Honey Skin, because while the concept is entirely new to me (and perhaps you?) Honey Skin certainly isn't new. It’s been hugely popular in K-Beauty circles for years.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Honey Skin?
“Honey Skin has been a term used in Korea for quite some time,” explains Janice. “It means skin so dewy, hydrated and moisturised that it’s glowy and supple. Skin that is so enriched with moisture that it literally glows and shines.” Basically, Honey skin is glowy skin at the highest level. Skin that features a bright sheen similar to the appearance of, you guessed it, honey. “It may be a bit too much for some people!” warns Janice.

What is the difference between Honey Skin and Glass Skin?
There are a few key ways you can spot the difference between the two. “Honey Skin is richer, with super glowy hydration where skin looks enriched and super moisturised whereas Glass Skin is skin so clear and hydrated that it’s almost translucent,” says Janice.

Glass Skin is also known to focus heavily on the texture of the skin, while the goal of Honey Skin is to have skin that looks healthy. Honey Skin isn’t about being pore-less or having skin that’s entirely free from texture, it’s about being balanced. Which means it’s achievable for any age or skin type.

A simple six step routine to get Honey Skin
Honey Skin is absolutely something you can achieve in your own home. Here is a simple routine that Janice recommends to ensure skin is bright, juicy, and balanced:

  1. Cleanse properly (a double cleanse is always best) so you have a clean palette to work with.
  2. Follow with a deeply hydrating toner/first essence/face mist to prep your skin.
  3. Apply a deeply moisturising serum.
  4. Next up layer a lotion/emulsion moisturiser.
  5. Follow your lotion with a rich creamy moisturiser. (You can also work with balm type moisturisers that are super rich, depending on your preference.)
  6. For the extra juicy honey glow, add in a few drops of facial oil with the cream.

And if you feel like you need a little extra boost every now and then, another quick trick Janice suggests is to mix MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) powder - an organic form of sulphur - with your favourite rich face cream to create a DIY face mask. “You would take a generous amount of moisturiser (should be a rich cream textured moisturiser) and add about the same amount of MSM powder and mix until the powder melts. Apply the mix all over your face, and you can gently massage for about a few seconds then leave on for about 10 minutes. Rinse off and follow with your normal skin care routine which should include a skin softener (can be a moisturising toner or a first essence), serum, and moisturiser,” suggests Janice.

Top tips and tricks for Honey Skin
Honey Skin enthusiasts rely on face oils, emollient creams and hydrating lotions that offer long-lasting nourishment or hydration to get that glow, but as with all skin care, your prep work is just as - if not more - important. “Always make sure you’re working with clean skin and clear skin (i.e. make sure you also exfoliate properly a couple of times a week as needed),” advises Janice.

Also remember that different skin types will require different things. Taking careful note of how your skin reacts to certain products and making adjustments as needed is just as crucial as your application. “Knowing how to read what your skin needs [is very important],” Janice says. “The more you work on your skin care regimen, the more you will learn about your skin, what works and doesn’t work, and adjusting your routine to achieve that honey glow.”