Big Kids Only

A Useful, Unboring Kids Gift


    A fun, non-toy gift that’s just for kids.

    A fun, non-toy gift that’s just for kids.

    For all the tricky-to-buy-for rascals (who really don’t need another toy), Big Kids Only is a gift they'll REALLY like. And actually use.

    They’ll get: Sud Bud, a gentle body cleanser with zillions of bubbles, Two-in-Fun, a super-speedy (tear-free) conditioning shampoo, Super Softy, a nourishing, nice-smelling body lotion, and Bad Dream Buster, a calming room spray and monster repellant. Plus! A classic ‘80s lunchbox and a sheet of sassy stickers to plaster all over it. (And the walls, probably.)

    You’ll get: To save on wrapping paper! Because Big Kids Only comes with a limited-edition colouring-in sleeve that’s ridiculously fun and ready to gift.



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    How do I use this set?

    1. Squirt Sud Bud generously into a running bath and whisk for a gentle bubble bath, or use in the shower as a nourishing body wash.

    2. For hair that’s clean, soft and easy to comb, massage Two-in-Fun into the scalp, mid-lengths and ends, then rinse out thoroughly.

    3. Apply Super Softy all over little legs, arms, tums and rumps.

    4. Spray Bad Dream Buster before lights out, wherever nighttime nuisances are known to lurk (under beds, along windows) for a calm, fright-free sleep.

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