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Skin Care Starter

Teen Skin

OR! 4 equal payments of $17.50 Huh?

Do you offer a 30-day-money-back-guarantee? You bet! 

What is it?

Hi! Hello! Welcome to skin care! Skin Care Starter is a gently cleansing and balancing party for all faces, but especially teen faces. Which tend to experience an overproduction of oil ‘thanks’ to those cute, raging hormones.

Featuring a simple two-step routine of super gentle, super effective Go-To products. (And a free peach mesh bag for fuss-free/adorable storage.)

Step 1: Properly Clean. A mega gentle cleansing mousse made with willow bark extract (a natural form of salicylic acid; excellent for breakout-y teen skin) to remove excess oil, clear pores, and give skin a really good clean. Use it morning and night on damp skin.

Step 2: Face Hero. A nourishing face oil that hydrates, protects, regulates oil production, and calms angry teen skin right down. Use it morning and night on damp, cleansed skin.

In our (correct) opinion, it’s the ultimate intro to skin care.


Peach Mesh Bag

Your gateway to glowy skin. (And a peach obsession.)

How Do I Use This Set?

In the AM and PM:

  1. Cleanse face with Properly Clean and rinse.
  2. Apply three to five drops of Face Hero to face, neck, and chest.

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