Skin Care Starter

Teen Skin

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What is it?

Hi! Hello! Welcome to skin care! Skin Care Starter is a gently cleansing and balancing party for all faces, but especially teen faces. Which tend to experience an overproduction of oil ‘thanks’ to those cute, raging hormones.

Featuring a simple two-step routine of super gentle, super effective full sized Go-To products.

Step 1: Properly Clean. A mega gentle cleansing mousse made with willow bark extract (a natural form of salicylic acid; excellent for breakout-y teen skin) to remove excess oil, clear pores, and give skin a really good clean. Use it morning and night on damp skin.

Step 2: Very Lightweight Moisturiser. An oil-free gel-cream that offers up intense hydration, with a shine-free, mattifying, soft finish, and zero residue. Use it morning and night on clean skin.

In our (correct) opinion, it’s the ultimate intro to skin care.


Your gateway to glowy skin. (And a peach obsession.)

How Do I Use This Set?

In the AM and PM:

  1. Cleanse face with Properly Clean and rinse.
  2. Massage a pea-sized amount of Very Lightweight Moisturiser into your skin after cleansing and always follow with SPF in the daytime.

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