Pregnancy And Go-To

Pregnancy And Go-To

Congratulations! You’re pregnant!

The good news: it’s definitely a boy or girl. We can tell.

The great news: you can still use (most of) Go-To while pregnant or breastfeeding.

In fact, Go-To founder, Zoë Foster Blake, was pregnant when she devised and tested (read: flogged) all available products at the time. But there’s been a HUGE amount of newness since then, so we thought you deserved an update on exactly which peach products are safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.


Will Go-To help with stretch marks?

No topical skincare product can repair snapped elastin fibres or raise indentations back to where the skin level used to be. Plus, stretch marks are largely genetic. But! Anything used on stretchy-susceptible-areas (the bum, tum and thighs) can help prevent them.

We recommend using Skin Party or Oil Over - depending on your personal preference for lotion or oil - post-shower at night to keep the skin supple from as early as 10 weeks, right through until your baby is six months old. (The skin needs extra nourishment when it’s stretching AND when it’s shrinking.)

What if my skin is all spotty and bitchy?

Unfortunately when pregnancy hormones take over, your skin might wig – and break – out. Hormones are all-powerful, and work from the inside. But, cleansing and exfoliating with the right stuff and making sure the skin is balanced and hydrated (as opposed to stripped bone dry as a form of punishment for being congested) will certainly help.

Pregnancy is a great time to simplify your skincare routine, get back to basics, and put more trust in natural products. Hey! Here’s one we prepared earlier:


  1. Massage Juicy Gel into the skin for a very gentle cleanse.
  2. Pat one pump of Much Brighter Skin onto your face for antioxidant protection (and to help keep pesky preggo pigmentation at bay). 
  3. For serious nourishment and brightness go in next with 3-5 drops of Face Hero facial oil. 
  4. Liberally apply Nifty Fifty to all exposed areas (your skin sensitivity is heightened while growing a tiny human so never forget this step). 


  1. Time to thoroughly remove any buildup and grime with a double cleanse, Fancy Face followed by Juicy Gel
  2. Lightly soak a cotton pad with Gentle Exfoliator, and sweep this across the face (avoiding the eye area) to remove buildup and dead cells. 
  3. Mist the face using Prep Step, to help those incoming serums properly penetrate the skin. 
  4. Pat 3-4 drops of Much Plumper Skin onto your damp face. 
  5. Face Hero, again, another 3-5 drops to help any dryness or irritation. 
  6. Finish with Very Luxe Face Cream to lock in all that moisture and let the skin regenerate. 

Wait, Properly Clean is a pregnancy no-no?

Properly Clean contains a low level of white willow bark extract, with very low levels of salicylic acid (lower than you’d find even in over the counter salicylic acid products, and anything with lower than 2% salicylic is deemed safe for pregnant women) so it is perfectly fine to use. 

Our Clarifying Exfoliator, however, has a stronger component of BHAs. So we advise moving this one to the back of the bathroom shelf, out of reach, while you grow and nurse your little belly friend. 

As for Gentle Exfoliator, Glow Exfoliator, and Exfoliating Swipeys, these products use AHAs and PHAs, which makes them completely safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What about retinoids, you've got one of those too?

We do! Our retinal eye serum: De-Crease. But you’re going to want to steer clear of any form of vitamin A (retinal, retinol, tretinoin) because too much, or continued use of, this ingredient can harm your unborn bub while they try to grow and develop and kick your bladder. 

And hey, while we’re at it. Best to be cautious with Benzoyl Peroxide too. This can be found in a lot of fast-acting zit-zappers purchased over the counter. Not here! Not at Go-To!

Always consult your GP before making any changes to your skincare routine, ensuring it is both pregnancy safe and personalised to suit your skin.

Juicy Gel Face Go-To Skincare   Juicy Gel Face Go-To Skincare

Juicy Gel

Gentle Gel Cleanser

Gentle Exfoliator Face Go-To Skincare   Gentle Exfoliator Face Go-To Skincare

Gentle Exfoliator

Lactic Acid and PHA