How To Build A Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Skin Care Routine

Skin care products to build an effective skin routine.

Oh! Hi there. How’s your skin doing? A little confused? Don’t worry. I get it. The world of skin care can be daunting to say the least. And there’s nothing worse than investing in beauty products, just to have them gather dust on your bathroom shelf because you don’t know how, when, or why to slot them into your routine.

So, pour yourself a top-up of tea (‘wine’), and let’s talk about building a skin care routine customised to your needs; whether you’re brand new to skin care, a seasoned actives-loving pro, or somewhere in between.

You Know You’re A Beginner If:
Your life motto is less is more and you’ve never really dabbled in the skin care world before. If you’re not prone to breakouts, wanting to tackle pigmentation or fine lines, all you need is three steps to get started.

A Beginner-Friendly Skin Care Routine (AM/PM)

Cleanse like your life depends on it. You will need to find a gentle cleanser to remove all the excess oil, dead skin and makeup from your face so the rest of your skin care can work. If your skin feels tight after you’ve used it, it’s time to break-up with that product and find a new one.

2. Moisturise 
Happy skin is hydrated skin. Look for a moisturiser that suits your skin type but ideally, you’re going to want one with glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

3. Protect (AM only)
Because we’re BFFs now, I’m going to let you in on a secret: every year our cellular turnover slows down just a little bit more, which means goodbye collagen and hello fine lines. SPF slows that down, drastically. Rain, hail, shine, or lockdown – wear your SPF.

You Know You’re Intermediate If:
You start to remind your mum to wear SPF and you’ve got a solid routine of skin essentials. Now that you’ve nailed down the basics for your routine, you might be looking to address some of the concerns we mentioned earlier. 

An Intermediate-Friendly Skin Care Routine (AM/PM)

1. First Cleanse
Now that you’ve got your everyday cleanser, it’s time to introduce an oil cleanser in. Known as the ‘double cleanse method’ oil cleansers help to dissolve all makeup giving your face the deep cleanse it deserves. 

2. Second Cleanse
This is where your everyday cleanser comes in.

3. Exfoliate (PM only)
Starting to notice fine lines or pigmentation? Time to add an exfoliant into your routine. Sounds scary but remember how our cellular turnover slows down with age? An exfoliant works to shed dead skin cells, revealing rejuvenated skin. Add this in once a week and with consistent use, your complexion will become more even toned with a youthful glow. Start with once a week to ease your skin into it.

4. Antioxidant Serum or Face Oil (AM and PM)
Adding in something loaded with antioxidants (such as a vitamin c, niacinamide or copper peptides serum or a lush, restorative face oil) to provide even more protection from harmful UV rays and environmental stressors. Bonus points because antioxidants can also help target concerns such as pigmentation. 

5. Moisturise 
Seal in the serum with a hydrating face cream.

6. SPF (AM only)
Protection is key to staying forever young, so remember to slip, slop, slap that SPF on every single morning.

You Know You’re Advanced If:
Your wish list is filled with skin care tools. You’ve been rolling in the skin care game for a while now, but you want more. It’s time to take your routine to the next level by getting area specific. 

An Advanced Skin Care Routine (AM/PM)

1. First Cleanse
Time for your oil cleanse.

2. Second Cleanse
This is where your everyday cleanser comes in.

3. Exfoliate (PM only – alt nights to retinol)
Now that you’ve been exfoliating for a while you can start to up your exfoliation to 2-3x a week depending how your skin feels. (Less is more when it comes to exfoliation so listen to your skin.)

4. Retinoid (PM only – alt nights to exfoliation)
Retinoids smooth fine lines and help boost collagen. A must for anyone over the age of 28, start by using once a week (on a different night to your exfoliants, please) and increase once your skin adjusts. 

5. Antioxidant Serum (AM and PM)
Vitamin C is a brilliant antioxidant in the morning, and a niacinamide serum would work brilliantly at night.

6. Face Oil 
Following up your retinoids with a face oil is the best way to eliminate irritation. A couple of drops before your moisturising step will add a layer of hydration.

7. Moisturise 
Lock everything in with your favourite hydrating face cream.

8. Eye Cream 
Look for one that has active and nourishing ingredients to penetrate and protect the delicate skin around the eyes.

9. Neck Cream (PM only)
A very extra step! You can definitely apply your moisturiser on your neck but if you really want to level things up, you can get a separate neck cream to target the area. After all, your neck gets just as much sun exposure as your face so you should treat it to the same amount of love and care you do your face. Apply in the evening as your final skincare step. 

10. SPF (AM only)
Every! Single! Day! Your SPF is especially important now that your using actives (retinoids, chemical exfoliants, etc) which leave your skin more vulnerable to sun damage. Wear it.

There you have it! From beginner to advanced, you’ve got the arsenal to create a routine that’s going to work for your skin's needs. Now that you’re sorted, it’s time to peel yourself off the couch, pop on a cute headband and cleanse the day away.

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