The Hangover Face Fix

Picture this: Saturday morning. Pounding head. Dry mouth. Skin screaming for help thanks to the one (five) Negronis you had last night.


Presenting: The Hangover Face Fix. Five essential steps to get your face looking fresh, no matter what you did last night.

Transformazing mask on face

Clean face = dewy base.

Remove all that makeup you definitely thought about taking off last night. Properly Clean is extremely gentle so it won’t disrupt your skin but it will get rid of all that makeup, grime and margarita salt.

Pop on a (refrigerated) sheet mask.

A hydrating, sheet mask is basically a triple shot espresso for sleepy faces. They soothe redness and instantly plump up your skin, leaving you with a face far more alive than you deserve.

We recommend Transformazing because we made it but also because it works. Pop it in the fridge before use for an extra kick.

Don’t forget to hydrate.

Alcohol is a filthy moisture thief. It’s notorious for causing dehydration, the enemy of glowing skin and a killer headache. Have some water (or Powerade if you have it on hand) and guzzle it. Fast.

The Teaspoon Trick.

Puffy eyes? Pop a couple of teaspoons in the freezer before you jump into the shower. After you’re all sheet masked and moisturised press the chilled spoons firm against the skin under your eyes. Hold for a few minutes to play down puffiness and regret.

Make it up.

Dewy, glowy products only today. No matte, powdery stuff, please. Face Hero and Zincredible Tinted are powerful weapons for faking a fresh face. (Also helpful: bright lipstick and a tube of a good-coverage creamy concealer.)

You’ve done it! Rejoice! Now all there’s left to do is grab some greasy good, swear you’ll Never Drink Again and get on with your day.

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